Well done: Snowbird

Snowbird is a ski and summer resort in Utah. Designed and developed by Rally Interactive, this site is a great example of progressive enhancement.

With CSS and JavaScript disabled, all of the main content is still present in HTML.


When CSS is available, you wouldn’t know that you were missing anything. The site is navigable in all the traditional senses: static content and a typical page-refresh model when moving from section to section.


When JavaScript is available, this is where it gets interesting. There’s a lot of helpful animation. My favorite part is progressively enhancing navigation with the History API to seamlessly transition from section to section without requiring a full page refresh.

Well done, Snowbird and Rally Interactive!

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Well done: Kit Kat

As Google announced that their next Android version would be named “Kit Kat,” the Kit Kat website has been refreshed to follow suit.

The creators of the site paid great attention to progressive enhancement. All of the main content exists in HTML and works great without CSS or JavaScript.


With styles on, the content is very navigable, just without the animations and interactivity you get with JavaScript enabled.


Finally, with JavaScript enabled, you get some fun animations as well, but treated as enhancements to the main content.

Honestly, I prefer the JavaScript-disabled version, but kudos to whomever created this site for making sure it works in many different scenarios. 

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Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.

The Canary device is a smart smoke detector that looks beautiful on a wall and connects you to the information you need to know.

Well done: Google

Here’s the start of a new column here at Sigh, JavaScript: sites that do progressive enhancement well. The first example is a site we probably all use very often: Google.

With no CSS or JavaScript, the site is still very usable.


With CSS but no JavaScript, the search functionality is working, but you must submit the form to get search results.


Finally, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Google Instant kicks in and you get new results with each keystroke.


Yay JavaScript!

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